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For You...If You Need to Hear This.

For You...If You Need to Hear This.

I want you to know that you are AMAZING! That you are working hard and doing the best you can and that should be enough for you to SMILE and NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. You matter and you have so much to give to this world, whether it’s to help someone else, to see the other side of a dark period. Or maybe to begin following your true passions and giving yourself time to find out what that is.

True story: At 35, after reading James Altucher’s book “Reinvent Yourself”, I finally realized that it’s okay to feel lost because I thought I didn’t have a passion. ALL of my life until that point, I thought something was wrong with me and my journey. I learned that I do have a passion, I actually have more than one and it’s okay to follow them and you will be great at all of them or one of them but YOU will be great and you WILL find yourself.

This is a little all over the place, but I just want anyone that’s going through something to gather around and receive my sincerest hug and smile, because everything will be okay.

E-mail me, I know it’s hard to go to others sometimes because you may feel judged, I’m not here to judge anyone I want to create a tribe of just good energy and to hold your hand as I show you that walking out from under the dark clouds is okay, and although terrifying it can be done, we can find happiness and we deserve it, it is our given right!

Do not leave your future, your happiness, your time, anything that matters to you in someone else’s hand.

You can take hold of your life and drive it towards whatever destiny you want for yourself! Trust in yourself! You are strong, you have gone through tough situations and prevailed, you will also get through this, nothing is impossible.

You are Brave, You are Strong, You are Accomplished, You are Determined

You are Committed to YOU! I want you to Believe in Yourself!

We are all battling something and I just want everyone to understand that we can get through it and see a brighter day because those will come.

So if you need a hug today, I am sending you the biggest momma bear hug.

Smile. You are being thought of!

Image thanks to the fantastic @styledstocksociety, check out her stock images.

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